Information technologies provides us exciting opportunities, but on the other hand we more and more depend on them. We believe that IT security together with efficient IT infrastructure is a vital element for continuity of any organization. Aim of Altacom is to deliver best IT security and infrastructure solutions for you and your customers.

Cyber Security

Nowadays cyber risks grow rapidly and every organization must implement up to date technologies to protect from all kinds of malware like: computer viruses, Ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), spyware and many more. The only way to feel save is by using innovative anti-malware and ant-intrusion solutions which protect from inner and outside threats.

The only way is to invest to Firewall solutions with ability to see into application layer and a proper endpoint  protection with Zero-Day threat defense capabilities. Some other examples of the most innovative techniques which are able to cope with threats are Heuristic analysis, Intrusion Protection, Application firewall, Endpoint Detection and Response.

Tools for MSPs

IT support companies are competing by providing best value to their customers. To be profitable while delivering high quality and affordable IT support service you must be extremely efficient. The only way to deliver that is to become a true Managed Service Provider because this business model is about preventing IT infrastructure failures in advance rather than reacting to breakdowns.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solutions are built specifically for IT professionals to help to become Managed Service Providers. RMM is an IT support platform which is working via internet and provide a detailed status about all of managed customers IT infrastructure, helps automate most of daily tasks while offering additional services like AntiVirus and more. Everything from the single easy to use dashboard! Other essential RMM features are fast remote access, powerfull reporting, policy management, various operating system support like OSX, Linux, Windows, as well network monitoring, mobile device and Office 365 management.

Data Security

Most valuable asset of any organization is Data. If your data gets stolen there is a high chance you may loose your business. In current age of mobility data is located everywhere: on your computer hard disks, servers and in the public cloud. In order to be efficient you always have to reach your data fast and easy. The only effective way to protect distributed data from accidental or intended leakage is encryption.

However encryption is often conceived as inconvenient and complex overhead for IT staff and users. But that is not true anymore. Most advanced solutions for encryption area easy to set up and works transparently from the enduser perspective. It protects data whenever it is located – in your hard drive or you Dropbox account and everything is easily managed BitLocker or FileVault integration. As well possess such a useful features like single sign-on, authentication via network with Active Directory support or secure key lifetime management.


Safe encryption directly depends on a safety of encryption keys. If you even use the strongest encryption algorithms, but do not store and manage encryption keys in a safe way – your system is vulnerable. To protect and manage encryption keys you need to have Hardware Security Module (HSM) – a device which is like a safe inside your network that stores keys to unlock your data. That is usually FIPS 140-2 level 3 or even level 4 certified tamper resistant device with random key generation and crypto-processor inside to take over the cryptography load.

There are hundreds of application areas for HSM. If you are dealing with Smart Grid, Electronic ID, DNSSEC E-Health or even Road Toll systems you definitely should be interested in secure and efficient key management. If it is a Digital Signature platform or Certificate Authority – they would be vulnerable without proper HSM in the core infrastructure. Basically any important Public Key Infrastructure can not be imagined without HSM.