Multi-factor Authentication. Eliminate the primary target of hackers – the password.

Simple password protection of online environments no longer withstands the increasing threat of cyber-crime. Once a password is stolen, credentials can be used by hackers to log on to various systems and applications.

This increased threat together with compliance requirements set by regulatory bodies mandate to tighten security measures and apply a strong ‘multi-factor’ authentication approach involving two or more authentication mechanisms of different types to prove the identity of a user or device.

Utimaco Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) generate, manage and store the secure cryptographic keys that are required for authenticating a user or device in a broader network.

Business value

Enhance Log-on Security with Strong Authentication

Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Regulatory and industry compliant for strong user authentication, including PCI-DSS, NIST, GDPR and PSD2

Scalable and flexible

Remote Access

Software Simulator included

Included simulator allowing for evaluation and integration testing to benchmark the best possible solution for each specific case