Data and Database Encryption

Data and database encryption to protect business-critical and personal data

Companies store and process sensitive, business-critical, and personal data every day. To ensure only authorized users have access to their data, they need to implement effective data encryption and database encryption solutions.

What is Data Encryption? Data Encryption describes the process of transforming data into another form (ciphertext), so that is it unreadable for third parties who do not have the “key” to re-transform the data into a readable format (plaintext) again.

Data encryption can also include the encryption of devices e.g., laptops or hard disk encryption, protecting the physical layer of the data ecosystem.

Governments are aware of the sensitivity of personal data and thus obligate compliance rules like GDPR to organizations. The challenge for companies is choosing an encryption solution that protects their own and customer data without adding complicated workflows and still fulfilling all local compliance rules.

What is Database encryption? With Database encryption, you protect data at rest stored in a database. Under the threat of targeted attacks on data at rest, effective database security has become increasingly important. Without a comprehensive strategy, a great deal of sensitive data could be at risk. Storing and guaranteeing the availability of relevant data is one critical factor for the survivability of organizations – Laws & Regulations impose heavy fines if organizations fail to protect sensitive data. The use of HSMs to encrypt databases protects and secures sensitive data.

UTIMACO’s data protection portfolio protects your data, keys and databases against external access, unauthorized internal access, and malicious attacks.

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