Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM)

The most interoperable and integrated Key Manager

Key Benefits

Unprecedented Capacity

Capacity to manage more than 2 million keys, over 25,000 clients and thousands of ESKM hardware or virtual appliances.

Out-of-the box Software

Use ESKM right out of the box due to the pre-installed, digitally signed software which is verified for immediate use.

Fitting FIPS Certification Level

Choose the right level of FIPS certification for the business from four options.


Secure Keys for Data at Rest, in Use, and in Motion – Fully FIPS Certified

Every organization has customer and employee data that must be protected. ESKM guards against organized attacks, misuse, and data breach exposure which can result in the loss of sensitive data, as well as harm a company’s reputation and brand.

Encryption is easy, and although key management may be difficult, it’s certainly not impossible. ESKM secures keys and provides centralized key management, saving time and money.

ESKM is the first industry-certified Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) v2.1 offering with market leading support for partner applications and pre-qualified solutions, integrating out-of-the-box with varied deployments, as well as custom integrations.

Cloud Integrations and BYOK

ESKM is collaborating with both Google and Microsoft Azure to help organizations transition securely to the cloud. With the BYOK – Bring Your Own Key – concept, enterprises encrypt their own data, retain control of their encryption keys, and do not give the control away to the CSP.

Key Control and Management through a single pane of glass

Streamlining Data and Processes

Easy Deployment and Simple Licensing

Hardware-based Security on highest level

Included Software for easy use

Fulfills various compliance requirements

Single and centralized root of trust

Portfolio Support

Robust Scalability and High Availability

Convenient Administration

Most Interoperable

Custom Integrations and Scaled Deployments

Integrates with largest HPE ecosystem and third-party applications

Lower your costs and scale key management with Virtual Enterprise Secure Key Manager (vESKM)


Our on-premise options allow hosting the product directly on-site in your own network or data center.

CryptoServer LAN V5

The general-purpose Hardware Security Module as network-attached appliance for the use in data centers. Designed to handle the most common business applications.

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Two-tier security for the most sensitive data in Azure

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