Highly secure, reliable, and accurate timestamps

Key Benefits

Secure key generation, storage, and usage

Timestamping keys are generated, stored, and used inside the tamper protected HSM throughout their whole life to effectively protect them from theft or misuse.

High security level

The integrated HSM is certified according to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and meets the requirements of ETSI Technical Specifications TS 102 023 and TS 101 861.

Designed for continuous operation in datacenters

Redundant field-replaceable power supplies and fans ensure continuity of operations. Remote monitoring and management reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.


TimestampServer – Highly secure, reliable, and accurate timestamps

The proof that a document or electronic record existed, or an event occurred, at a specific point in time is crucial for traceability in and trustworthiness of numerous business applications.

TimestampServer integrates your choice of Hardware Security Module from Utimaco’s family of FIPS certified HSMs. The HSM reliably protects your timestamping keys against disclosure and manipulation. Its integrated high quality random number generator ensures the uniqueness of the timestamping keys and ensures an attacker cannot forge timestamps by guessing keys.

TimestampServer meets the requirements of recognized policy specifications like ETSI TS 102 023 “Policy Requirements for Timestamping Authorities” and TS 101 861 “Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI); Timestamping profile”. Designed for operation in datacenters, it combines the ease of use that are achieved by remote monitoring and remote management with high reliability and redundancy of hardware components.

This makes TimestampServer the appropriate solution for notary systems and land records by the combination of a (qualified) signature and a timestamp proof possession of a good, documents management and archiving systems that track the creation or archival date of documents as well as long-term archiving solutions where authenticity of documents is kept up to date over time by applying new timestamps in regular intervals, even in case the previous signatures are not secure anymore.
TimestampServer can also be used for eTender and eAuction platforms where the validity of a quotation or a bid depends on its timely submission as for lottery and online betting where the prize can only be granted to lottery tickets that have been submitted before closing time. Additionally, it provides the solution for use cases requiring traceability of timely reaction to an incident in critical infrastructures e. g. support and ticketing systems.

High security for the most valuable assets of your organization

Supported cryptographic algorithms

Supported application interfaces

Accurate time stamps

Compliance with various security requirements

Designed for continuous datacenter operations


Our on-premise options allow hosting the product directly on-site in your own network or data center.

u.trust 360

u.trust 360 is a hardware and software based management platform enabling centralized administration, monitoring and provisioning for Atalla AT1000 and CryptoServer LAN V5 HSMs.

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