About Utimaco

Utimaco is a leading manufacturer of hardware based security solutions that provide the root of trust to keep cryptographic keys safe, secure critical digital infrastructures and protect high value data assets. Only Utimaco delivers a general-purpose hardware security module (HSM) as a customizable platform to easily integrate into existing software solutions, embed business logic and build secure applications. With German precision engineering, tamperproof Utimaco HSM offers scalable performance with the highest level of physical security and self-defense for hostile environments. Tens of thousands of enterprise and infrastructure companies rely on Utimaco to guard IP against internal and external threats and protect hundreds of millions of consumers globally. By building business applications on Utimaco’s hardware root of trust, customers achieve regulatory compliance and the security confidence to focus on their core business.

Hardware Security Modules

Utimaco Hardware Security Modules are certified according to the highest security standards, enabling them to optimally protect your data and business processes. The Utimaco Hardware Security Module business unit develops and manufactures products for the protection of electronic data—for companies, banks, and government offices—all on site in Aachen, Germany. The Utimaco CryptoServer is a root of trust, offering business processes and infrastructures the security they need to be compliant with legal and regulatory requirements. This enables customers and partners alike to completely focus on their core business.


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